Revamped and Setting up for new Heights!!!

As most of our Readers have seen I have revamped the site and it’s look, but biggest the name..I wanted to start gearing toward offering better content and more options to my readers. So my goal is to get to the point of offering the ability to donate, or subscribe to exclusive content through email and message of newsletter, or a specific thing someone may need of service. This in now ay changes what I do hear , but I am wanting to offer more to help others grow and learn and if you are not sure Melioristic means, “meliorism[ˈmēlyəˌrizəm] NOUN philosophy the belief that the world can be made better by human effort.” this includes witches, pagans, druid whatever your path you can make your life better. So I hope you enjoy and I will be working on some new content as the week progresses around work of course..But overall Thank you and I hope to bring more in the near future.